Mindscape Series




Leaving school at sixteen, my first job was in an abattoir.  I left that nightmare place in my early twenties and launched myself into  painting and drawing. Suffice to say, there was a lot of scribbling!


When the raw energy of my marks subsided, I turned to study and practice in my thirties, all the while being chased by demons from my past thwarting my efforts.  I  taught myself 3D animation, ventured into fantasy art and freelancing.  In my forties I entered medical illustration and animation.  Being exposed to what animals looked like on the inside in my teens then learning human anatomy in my life studies, it seemed that my journey was not complete.  I now had the opportunity to  study nephrons, macrophages, neurons and many more amazing things.  The nature of strange landscapes inside our bodies seemed to fit my proclivity toward abstraction.


Now, as I turn into my fifties the time has come to put my life into my art with a renewed  understanding. Drawing in pen and ink, driven by my emotions but in control, I let my pen do its work. I just start a drawing and see what emerges.  Putting to rest the past  with each and every drawing. The narrative in the lines that appear unravel and soothe my mind and my world becomes a little more peaceful. 


I have found you cannot lie with a brush or a pen.  The truth will reveal itself.  I can honestly say that art has been therapy for me.  If you have anxiety or stress in your life whether you are an artist or not, I recommend making marks on paper.  Never be afraid of what comes out.  Make a mark, then another and just keep going.  I guarantee you will feel better expressing and releasing what is inside you.


I cannot imagine a world without art.  I have always drawn my way towards the light:  pathways,  stairways, navigating the darkness.  I am climbing higher, I will climb out, I want to fly. 


I present the Mindscape Series, a collection of pen and ink drawings, a long time in the making conceptually.   They are my life’s experiences abstracted from imagination  through line onto paper.


I hope these artworks find their way out into the world and into new homes (I sure hope so as they are piling up around my ears!)